Which countries are the most expensive to visit?

With a busy schedule and a desire to get to know other cultures, it may seem like a lot to get from one country to the next, but travel is expensive.

We’re looking at which countries are pricier than others and which ones are the cheapest to get there.

Here are the top five cheapest destinations to visit, based on the cost of a one-way ticket.1.

ChinaThe People’s Republic of China is a nation of over 8.5 billion people that is known for its abundance of luxury goods, a massive amount of food, culture, history and history.

With over a billion people and the second most densely populated country on Earth, it’s no surprise that it has a number of expensive places to visit.2.

CanadaThe country with the world’s second-highest population density is Canada.

Despite being home to almost one-third of the world population, Canada has been described as the most “expensive country” to visit on a one way ticket.3.

JapanThe nation with the highest population density in the world is Japan, which is a country with a population of nearly one billion.

There are over two million Japanese residents, making Japan the most populous country on earth.4.

United StatesThe United States is a relatively young country, with only 12 million people living there.

It is a large country, making it the largest country on the planet.

It also has a fairly busy travel schedule, with major travel destinations like New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago and Boston being some of the more popular places to spend time.5.

SpainThe European country with one of the smallest populations in the globe is Spain, which has a population density of about 3.2 million.

While it’s a relatively small country, it boasts some of Europe’s most beautiful landscapes, including some of its most iconic beaches.

Travel experts like to compare Spain to a country that has a high-speed rail system, a country which can carry you from point A to point B in just a few minutes.

You’ll need to book a train ticket to get anywhere in Spain, but once you get there, it doesn’t get any easier.