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JetBlue travel bank will accept up to 2,000 small travel trailers

JetBlue is rolling out a travel bank to help travelers with small trailers, the company announced today.

The airline is introducing a new travel bank for up to two people, allowing customers to use up to 1,000 Small Travel Trailer units, which can be rented for a maximum of $250 each.

The travel bank is the brainchild of JetBlue chief operating officer Scott Storrs and is intended to ease the burden of getting around the country on small trailers.

Customers can apply for a free trailer to rent for $250, but they will be charged $1,500 for each trailer, according to JetBlue.

Customs officials will review the applications to see if they are eligible for the travel bank.

The company will also pay a $500 deposit into the bank, but will not issue credit for the trailers.