More than 1,500 hotels in Connecticut open their doors this weekend

Connecticut travel restrictions continue to be in place after a week-long lockdown in the state, as tens of thousands of visitors seek shelter in hotels and motels.

Travelers who don’t plan to stay in hotels will be able to stay at motels, bars, restaurants and other establishments that are not currently restricted by the state’s new lockdown restrictions, according to a release from the Connecticut Department of Tourism and Economic Development.

All locations in the five Connecticut cities that have already been hit by the lockdown are offering limited services this weekend.

There will be no public transportation, no parking, and no public shopping, said the release.

For those who do plan to visit the area, the state said it will not allow anyone to travel without a state-issued photo ID or proof of citizenship, as well as a photo ID and proof of residence.

Travel will not be allowed to travel through airports, as there will be restrictions on people leaving the state and returning to it.

There is also no public bus service to and from the state.

Travel is prohibited through all Connecticut state parks, beaches, lakes, river systems, parks, state parks and recreation areas.

There are also no restrictions in the Hartford, Stamford and Farmington areas.

If you are traveling with your family, the following hotels are not open:The Boca Raton Inn, which has been closed since May 1, the Ritz-Carlton in Hartford and the St. John’s Inn in Stamford, are also closed.

The state also is restricting the use of private jets.

The following locations have been temporarily closed:The New Haven Marriott Hotel, which is in the Storrs area, is closed until further notice.

The New London Marriott Hotel in New London, Conn., is closed.

The St. Albans Inn in New Bedford, Mass., is temporarily closed, and the Sheraton New Haven is temporarily closing.

There are no public buses to or from the Stonington and South Haven areas.

In addition, the Connecticut Public Utilities Commission has canceled its annual summer vacation for residents of the state who were in the area on Friday.

The full list of affected hotels is available at the department of tourism and economic development’s website.