What you need to know about Hawaii’s new travel restrictions

Hawaii is the only US state that imposes a ban on all travelers from a certain country.

The state has no restrictions on all travellers coming from countries with a negative ranking on the UN Security Council, including Iran and Syria.

Hawaii bans Iranians, Syrians and North Koreans from entering the state, although those arriving from outside the US can travel without a visa.

It has also banned Iranians, North Koreans and Syrians from visiting Hawaii.

Hawaiians are now banned from traveling from any country other than China.

Travelers from North Korea, Burma, Sudan, Libya, Iraq and Syria are also banned from visiting.

In the past, Hawaii imposed a “one-country, one-stop” travel ban.

This ban, which lasted until December 1, 2015, barred anyone from China, Iran, North Korea or Syria from entering.

However, the US State Department reversed the decision and lifted the travel ban in May 2016, after President Donald Trump’s administration announced a new travel ban against six countries.

Travelers from those countries must now apply for a visa to enter the US, as well as get a waiver to enter a US city or state.US President Donald J Trump speaks to reporters during a visit to a manufacturing facility at a plant in San Diego, California January 10, 2021.

Trump and his administration have been criticized for imposing a “global gag rule” that blocks travellers from six countries from entering US cities and states.

The ban is currently being challenged in the courts, and Trump has since announced a revised version of the ban.

The travel ban was one of the most controversial policies of Trump’s presidency.

It is set to take effect on January 20.

Hawaians say the ban has caused hardship and discrimination, but the Trump administration has argued that it is necessary to combat terrorism and the threat of international terrorism.

In its response to the Hawaii decision, the State Department said the new travel policy is in line with the State and Homeland Security Departments priorities and aims to protect US interests.

It said the US will not continue to accept any foreign travel to the US.