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Aussie tourists caught off guard by Australian travel restrictions

Travellers in New Zealand are being asked to beware of Australia’s restrictions when they head to the country, the ABC reports.

A group of Australian tourists, who had been planning to visit New Zealand for the first time since January, have been barred from travelling to the Pacific island nation for three months.

The group, which includes a couple and their two children, are staying at a Holiday Inn in Wellington, New Zealand.

The family was supposed to fly back to Australia for the holidays, but have been ordered to stay at their hotel until their visas expire.

The group has been living in New York City since they returned from a trip to New Zealand, and has not been able to visit the capital city.

“We haven’t been able for two weeks, we haven’t had any money,” the couple told the ABC.

Auckland’s City Airport said the group would not be allowed to board flights and that it was not aware of any other travel restrictions in New England.

While New Zealand is the most popular destination for Australian tourists in the country at the moment, there is still plenty of competition.

The ABC reports that the average length of stay for an Australian in New South Wales is just over five months.

In Sydney, travellers can stay for up to three months, with the average stay for a New Zealander in the capital is just under five months, while the average time Australians spend in Australia is just one week.

However, it is the New Zealanders who have been in the most trouble.

While tourists can still visit the country and have some shopping, it will cost them more to do so.

The cost of a New Zealand passport is currently $7.60.