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When you get a call about an airline, how much are you willing to pay for?

Travelers in Canada should expect to pay upwards of $1,000 for a return ticket to Mexico, according to a new report by travel advisory firm Jayco Travel trailers.

The company says the price reflects the risk of a plane crash and the potential economic damage that could occur.

While the report is the first to quantify the costs of travel in Mexico, Jayco says its findings are likely to be validated in other countries.

Jayco said it has not verified the veracity of the report and is not a party to the litigation.

The survey, which was conducted by the travel advisory company between March 28 and April 8, 2016, included 1,095 international passengers.

The results are based on the opinions of 1,000 people, with a margin of error of plus or minus three percentage points.

A report on the findings of the survey was also released Thursday.

A trip from Mexico to the U.S. can be between $2,500 and $3,000 in the U-20 and U-30 markets, depending on how long it takes.

“We are not able to provide a specific estimate for a single flight,” Jayco told CBC News.

“However, for those who are looking to fly from Mexico in the next 12 months, we would recommend paying up to $3 million.”

A trip between the U,S.

and Mexico costs $3.15, while a flight from the U to Canada costs $1.97.

Travel agents have been warning that a crash could lead to a spike in fares and could also lead to legal issues.

Jaycos survey also found that there is a lack of public awareness about the risk and the financial consequences of a crash, said the company’s CEO, Brian Naughton.

“The cost of a flight is going to be an extremely high number,” he said.

The average fare in the Mexican market is about $2.50.

Travelers are also not sure how much it will cost to fly to Mexico.

The airline said its study only looked at domestic passengers, with Mexico not included.

While a plane does not crash in Mexico in its entirety, it is more likely to happen if someone else is flying the same plane as the one that crashed, Naughts report said.

A plane that crashed in Mexico could result in a $5,000 penalty, but only if the pilot or passengers did not stop their flights before the plane crashed, the report said, adding that if someone were to survive, it would likely be much higher.

Naughtons report said the cost of getting to the nearest airport in Mexico is about 1,600 pesos ($120).

The average price of a return flight in the United States is about 2,500 pesos (about $175).