How to win a trip to Israel: the travel advisory

The travel advisory issued by Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Friday warns people to take a “reasonable” number of precautions if they intend to travel to the country during the “unexpected” Israeli military offensive on the Gaza Strip.

The advisory, which is expected to be updated as the fighting intensifies, advises against taking trips to Israel or visiting its main tourist attractions, the West Bank and Gaza.

Israel’s military operation in the Gaza strip has killed more than 2,400 Palestinians, mostly civilians, in less than two weeks.

The Israeli military said on Sunday it had killed two Palestinians in clashes with Hamas militants in the West al-Quds region, but no Palestinian was killed.

The military said it had fired two Katyusha missiles from the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights, killing one Palestinian and wounding another.

The other killed a number of Hamas fighters.

Israel has been waging a three-week offensive in the coastal enclave, which the Palestinians want for a future state.

The operation has prompted international condemnation, including from US President Donald Trump, who said on Monday that Israel’s actions were “a grave threat to regional peace”.

Israel has been building a fence along the border with the Gaza territory, and Hamas has rejected calls to halt the offensive, accusing Israel of launching a “massive attack” on its territory.

In an emailed statement on Monday, the Palestinian delegation to the United Nations said it was concerned that Israel is using military action as a “preemptive strike” against Palestinian aspirations for statehood.

“This escalation in violence will be accompanied by a continuation of Israel’s aggression against Gaza and will lead to the establishment of an apartheid state in the occupied Palestinian territories,” the delegation said.

The IDF statement said it did not know how many Palestinians were killed, but the army has said it is targeting Hamas and other militant groups in the Strip.

Israel’s military has said that it is committed to preventing any Palestinian group from taking over the West Gaza Strip, including the Islamic Jihad militant group, and to defending the security of the Israeli civilian population.

The group has no presence in the Palestinian enclave.

Israel is expected in the coming days to announce a new strategy to counter Hamas, which has seized territory in the west of the Palestinian territory in recent months, including east Jerusalem, as part of an offensive aimed at cutting off the enclave’s vital water and energy supply.

The Israeli military says the campaign is aimed at securing a final agreement with the Palestinian Authority and to restore the two-state solution.

Hamas has accused Israel of “aggression” against the group.

The latest round of fighting comes amid a wave of anti-Semitism that has surged across Europe, with anti-Semitic attacks on Jews and attacks on Jewish institutions, shops and restaurants in the US, France and Germany.

A number of attacks in France in the last week have included a Jewish teacher stabbed to death in his home in the northern town of Nice, and a French school teacher stabbed and seriously injured at a Jewish school in Paris.

In Germany, a Palestinian assailant attacked a synagogue in the city of Würzburg and then fatally stabbed a Jewish man.

In France, an assailant stabbed a 17-year-old boy and wounded another person at a supermarket in the north-western town of Saint-Quentin-Fallavier.

In Britain, a 19-year old Muslim man was stabbed to die in the Streatham area of London after he was stabbed and shot by a Jewish student who was trying to defend him, police said.

In Germany, an Islamist stabbed a rabbi at his home.

In the Netherlands, an 18-year long-running anti-Israel hate crime spree in the Netherlands has led to more than 80 arrests, with dozens more in custody.

In Israel, hundreds of people rallied outside the Jewish settlement of Kiryat Arba on Sunday to condemn what they said were racist attacks.

Israel says its security forces have thwarted more than 500 attacks in the past year.

The Palestinian Authority has accused the Israeli military of carrying out a wave.

“There is no way to stop the Israeli aggression and any attack will be met with violence,” Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said on Friday.

“I urge everyone to be vigilant and avoid entering Gaza.

We call on the international community to act.”