Chase Travel Restrictions: Travelers Home Insurance

The Federal Aviation Administration announced on Friday that all domestic flights in the Chicago area will be grounded until further notice, including flights to and from the city of Chicago, the city’s Metropolitan Airport, and the Chicago Aviation Authority.

This includes flights from Chicago’s Midway Airport, Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, O’hare International Airport, Midway International Airport and the O’hare International Airport in Chicago, as well as the OHL Chicago Marathon.

The FAA also said that all commercial aircraft will be diverted to Chicago from the Midway airport, the Oiler International Airport or the Olin Air Park.

The Chicago Department of Aviation tweeted that all flights between Chicago’s airport and Midway will be suspended until further notices.

The airport is closed from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., and flights from O’Connor Air Park and the Midways Airport will be delayed for two hours.

The National Weather Service in Washington, D.C., said that there is an active severe weather advisory for the Chicago metropolitan area, including the Chicago River and Lake Michigan.

It also has a severe thunderstorm watch in effect through Sunday.

The weather advisory extends through Tuesday.

The advisory covers parts of Chicago and portions of surrounding areas.

This is a developing story.

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