How to stay safe at the Colorado Springs International Airport

The Colorado Springs Airport has a new security measure in place, banning children under 14 from entering the terminal without an adult.

The measure, adopted by the airport’s board of directors on Wednesday, was first proposed in August, and it requires anyone 16 and younger to wear a seat belt.

The TSA says the measures, which go into effect Jan. 1, will help protect passengers by increasing the number of travelers screened and reducing the number that get lost in the screening process.

The new measures are being rolled out to about 5,000 travelers a day.

The FAA says it has approved about 1,200 more seats, so it’s not clear how many more flights are on the way.

A spokesperson for the airport told CBS News that the airport is notifying passengers who need additional security details that the airline has taken the new security measures into effect.

They say passengers can still access the airport through other terminals and can pick up at the main terminal, which will be opened on Jan. 4.