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Travel Plaza opens in Mexico City – ‘No one knows what’s happening’

Mexico City, Mexico – In the sprawling city of Mexico City there’s a lot of travel going on. 

And there’s no one to stop it. 

A small shopping plaza in the heart of the city, the plaza, known as the Travel Plaza, is the hub of the country’s travel industry. 

Its the hub for people from all over the world to visit. 

“We have a network of hotels, restaurants and restaurants, many of which are popular with tourists and those who want to experience some of the sights in Mexico,” explains Jose Luis Aguilar, the city’s tourism minister. 

 Mexico City’s Travel Plaza is home to a range of venues from a bar and a cinema to a nightclub, a restaurant and a shopping centre. 

Here’s a look at some of Mexico’s most popular spots, from the best to the worst.


La Série del Perú La Séorie del Peruzco –  In this small town in the centre of Perú, just across the border from Mexico, there’s La Sírie del Peralta, an old church that is a popular attraction for visitors to the town. 

It’s also home to the oldest Catholic church in the country, dating back to the 13th century, and one of the oldest churches in Europe, dating from the 1320s. 

Inside is a massive chapel, adorned with frescoes dating back as far as the 1330s.

The place has been converted into a tourist attraction, with stalls selling everything from clothing to handbags and shoes. 


El Chino de los Sánchez de Amorros – A popular attraction in this tourist-heavy area of the capital, Ciudad Juarez, is El Chino del Amorro. 

Located on the outskirts of the famous Plaza de Mayo in Mexico’s capital, the church is open to the public on weekends, with the majority of its visitors coming from the United States. 

The main chapel is adorned with a statue of the Virgin Mary, while the smaller chapel, located in the middle of the church, is decorated with frescos depicting the life of Jesus Christ. 


Miguel Ángel de Alvarado Mérida – This is the home of the National Museum of Mexico in Mexico. 

With more than 10,000 exhibits, it has the largest collection of artwork in the world. 

This collection includes paintings by the likes of Pablo Picasso, Rembrandt and Gauguin, as well as works by Salvador Dalí, Cezanne and Goya. 

However, the Museum also hosts a huge range of cultural events. 

In 2018, the National Museums of Mexico hosted the International New Year’s Eve Celebration, and on February 1st, it hosted the Mexican-American Cultural Festival. 


Sábado Amigos – One of the biggest and most famous tourist attractions in the city is Sábados Amigas, a historic temple that dates back to 1495. 

But the temple has been under constant threat of demolition and demolition of the buildings surrounding it.

However, in 2015, it was awarded a $3.5bn (£2.7bn) international loan by the European Union. 


Bocarro de la Fuente de La Frontera – The oldest city in Mexico is the capital of the province of Puebla, located at the foot of the mountains. 

Known for its medieval architecture, it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Puebla is known for its famous Bocarros de la Fronteras (the ‘Old Fruits of the Forest’) that are among the oldest trees in Mexico and are considered a sacred tree. 


Guadalajara El Guajira de Monterrey – Guadelajara is Mexico’s fourth largest city, with a population of about 15 million people. 

For many tourists it is a destination of choice for a day trip to the capital. 

On the outskirts, you’ll find La Taza de Guadalajaram in the old town.

The museum and art gallery, as you’d expect, are located in this building. 


Cinco de Mayo El Sinaloa – Located in the northern part of Mexico, Cinco De Mayo is one of Mexico and the US’s most famous holidays. 

According to legend, on May 1st it celebrates the first day of May, when the first fruits of the year were born. 

Since then, the holiday has been celebrated on May 5th and on May 12th. 


Las Cruces de Guajeores – Las Casas de Guajaes is one the most popular attractions in Mexico, known for the large number of beaches and for its beaches that are popular among locals