When you need a bit of a break from the travel business, here’s a streaming service that has you covered

With more and more companies looking to stream their movies and TV shows, the need for a reliable source of content to keep up with the zeitgeist is ever-present.

Now, we’ve got a new company that’s taking a different approach.

We’re talking about Netflix.

The streaming service is using technology to stream live-streamed events to users across the globe, and it has partnered with the travel band Blues Travel Hook to bring you a new app that lets you get in touch with your favorite travel band and see what they’re doing in the latest adventures in travel.

“We want to bring travel back to the forefront of our lives,” said Alex Pritchard, VP of content, travel and events for Blues travel hook.

“We want people to feel connected to the places they love, to experience their favorite destinations, and to get excited about their travel experiences.”

In this latest incarnation of BluesTravel Hook, users can get updates about events that they can watch online or on-demand on the app, including updates from travel blogs like Travelocity, Blues, Travel Guide, Lonely Planet, Travel & Leisure, and The Trip Advisor.

BluesTravel hook will be available to customers in the U.S. and Canada from December 1, and is set to roll out globally to all major markets.

“With the increased popularity of streaming services, we’re excited to partner with the Bluestravel hook team to bring the world a new way to connect with our favorite bands,” said Matt Pritbey, Chief Executive Officer of BlusesTravel hook.

The Blues band will be featured on the Blubs Travel Blog, which will be updated weekly with new travel-related content.