President Trump: ‘This country is so rich and powerful, you should just go and do it yourself’

The president on Wednesday signed an executive order banning foreign travel to the United States for citizens and visitors from six Muslim-majority countries, but it’s unclear whether that order will be rescinded after he leaves office.

In a Twitter post, Trump said he had ordered the executive order “for the safety and security of the American people.”

He said, “The American people will be safe and the American flag will fly high.”

“Our country is stronger together, and this country is going to be so much more than just a place to go, but a place of opportunity,” he said.

Trump has frequently said he will ban all Muslims from entering the country.

He has also repeatedly accused President Barack Obama of failing to enforce the ban, a charge the president has consistently denied.

The White House issued a statement Wednesday saying the executive action was “designed to prevent radical Islamic terrorism.”

“The president’s executive order will prevent all potential terrorists from entering our country,” the statement said.

The order also bans people from Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Syria, Yemen and Somalia.