How to avoid mass travel restrictions in Greece

Greece is set to impose a new travel restriction system to keep people from flying into the country in the wake of the deadly floods, according to government officials.

The travel restrictions will be imposed from Friday, the Greek Ministry of Finance said Monday, after officials announced that people will not be able to travel abroad for work, social events or festivals.

There are also new restrictions on those visiting relatives and children in Greece.

Those staying at a hotel or hotel resort will have to pay additional fees.

Greece is still assessing how many hotels are available, and some hotels have already canceled their reservations, according a statement from the ministry.

The new rules come as Greece prepares for a third anniversary of the floods that killed thousands of people and destroyed tens of thousands of homes.

They came after a series of deadly floods in the summer that devastated the country and forced authorities to declare a state of emergency.

The country has been struggling with the worst drought in its history, the worst on record.

Authorities say the drought has affected the food supply and created an agricultural crisis.

The government says the water shortages have led to a rise in the number of suicides and other acts of violence, particularly among youth.

It has also announced new plans to make the country’s water and sanitation systems more efficient and to offer free water to those in need.