‘Happier than a ghost’: Hawaii’s ghost tours on tour bus

Hawaii is known for its beautiful landscapes and spectacular beaches, but the island’s ghost tour business is thriving.

Hawaii Ghost Tours offers ghost tours to visitors visiting the islands for the first time and has developed a reputation as one of the best.

“People really love to see it,” said Lisa Jones, co-owner of Hawaii Ghost Tours.

Tour bus tour tour Hawaii Ghost Tour in Honolulu.

Each tour bus tours the ghost sites on Maui, Hawaii, and Lanai, Hawaii.

There are four tours per day.

They take about two hours each, and cost $25.

Hawaii is a hot spot for ghost tours because of the lack of tourism and the lack and lack of people, said Jones.

“People want to see a ghost.

It’s like they’re really curious about the environment,” she said.

Jones has worked in ghost tours for 18 years, but she was skeptical about ghost tours before starting her own business.

“I was really concerned about how people would react to seeing it, how they would react when they see it, and how they were going to react if they did see it.

So I was really trying to keep my head down, and try to be safe,” Jones said.

Jones is an avid kayaker and spent several years kayaking in Hawaii, traveling back and forth to Maui.

The island is famous for its haunted lakes and islands, and she wanted to bring her passion to the tourism industry.

Jones said the business has had its ups and downs.

I was nervous about the tourists.

But once I got in the business, I thought, ‘Oh, this is it,'” Jones said, laughing.

But the company has seen an influx of tourists who are willing to pay for a ghost tour.”

The tour bus operators, they are all very kind.

They love to talk to tourists,” Jones added.

She hopes to bring more tourists to Hawaii and has partnered with several other tourism companies.

When Jones was first starting the company, she was not sure if she was going to survive.”

But once I opened up and really started to get some support from people that have been doing this for a long time, I am so happy,” she laughed.

Some of the people that I’ve gotten to know have been really supportive.

We’re getting really close to launching this business and really excited to see what this new wave of tourists will bring to the island,” Jones continued.

If you are interested in seeing the haunted islands and the beaches of Hawaii, click here to sign up for a tour.

Hawaiians are not the only ones who have a passion for ghost tourism.