Thailand travel restrictions hit French citizens

Thailand’s travel restrictions have hit French travellers with restrictions in the country’s capital, Bangkok.

Thailand’s military junta, led by Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha, has banned travel to Thailand and the neighbouring countries of Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia.

The ban applies to a large number of tourists, including expats, and has already affected hundreds of thousands of foreigners in Thailand and other parts of the world.

The restrictions are due to come into force on Tuesday, but foreigners have until next Wednesday to plan their trips to the country.

Thai police have announced that the ban will be lifted on January 2.

Foreigners will be able to visit Thailand for business, but not to travel to the city itself.

The military has already announced it will remove the restriction on flights between Thailand and Laos, but will not lift restrictions on flights to Myanmar.

It is not known whether the restrictions on the travel of expats will be extended.

The French government has not commented on the restrictions.

Thats a huge blow to the French tourist industry in Thailand, which has enjoyed some success in recent years.

It also comes at a time when the country is struggling with the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, which led to the cancellation of some flights.

The country has also struggled with its high birth rate, with more than half of births in Thailand taking place outside the country, according to a 2015 survey by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.