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How to get around the Alaska travel restrictions

ALASKA, Alaska (AP) You can’t fly to Canada, but you can fly home.

And it’s a lot easier than you think.

Alaska Airlines announced late Friday that travelers to and from the United States will be able to travel on its network on Monday.

Alaska Airlines says it’s working with airlines to ensure the U.S. population remains safe and secure while the travel restrictions remain in effect.

Alaskans can now board U..

S.-bound Alaska Airlines flights between Boston and Alaska, according to a statement.

Alaska says the restrictions will remain in place for up to 72 hours.

Alasdair and Alaska have announced that travelers can return home to Alaska and begin boarding flights on Saturday, Jan. 15.

Alvin and Dina Smith of Boston can return to Alaska on Saturday if they want to do so on Monday, but they won’t be able go on board any flights until Jan. 17.

They can still travel home to the United Kingdom and return to the Alaska border.

Alvina Smith, of Boston, and her husband, Alvin Smith, are hoping to fly home on Sunday.

The Smiths had to get their visas approved and then travel back to the U and back again, after they were denied on the Alaska-Canada border, the Alaska Department of Transportation said.

The couple had a planned trip to Hawaii on Thursday, but Alvin Smith and Dinesh Smith were denied because of their travel plans, Alaska said.

They plan to return to Boston on Saturday.