Vermont, Ohio: ‘We are all on a collision course’ with federal immigration restrictions

Authorities in Vermont and several other communities around Ohio are asking for people to stay home, saying the federal government has “a responsibility to ensure the safety of our citizens.”

Officials say Vermont’s mayor and a few other officials were among those who were detained in an ICE raid early Monday.

Authorities also say the mayor’s security detail has been taken away.

“We are now on a course where we are going to have to take a number of steps to assure our citizens’ safety and to ensure that we are not in a situation where there are a large number of people at a single time, with no other option,” Vermont Mayor Jim Gannon said in a statement Monday.

“This situation is not going to go away.

The people of Vermont are in our hearts and minds, and we are taking every precaution that we can.”

The mayor’s office said he will ask his council to convene a meeting with ICE on Tuesday.

Officials in the city say Vermoins city hall was sealed off and the city is under a temporary restraining order.

The city also said it is not allowed to have its water supply, sewer system, or electrical system switched off.

The city says it has not received a single order from ICE.

Officials say Vermonters residents should be prepared to move to the suburbs and other places with fewer restrictions.

The White House says it is reviewing Vermonts temporary restraining orders.