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I have a lot to say about travel

I had a good time on my travels.

But, when I got back to the United States, I was feeling like a failure.

I’d just gotten off a plane to New York City and my wife was crying.

She told me she had no idea where she was going, and it was really bad.

The trip was so long and so long that I was starting to feel like a piece of shit.

It was hard to sleep because I was so nervous and I was in my head all the time.

And then I saw a post on Facebook of someone else who’d been to Mexico and said, “I’ve seen a lot of Mexico, but it’s hard to get to the best places.”

The travel I did was pretty bad.

But I got to see so many great places, I think that helped.

And it wasn’t just because I didn’t want to go to the U.S. That was a big problem.

But it was the trip to Mexico.

And the food.

And all the people I met.

And seeing the whole city.

So, I’m grateful to Mexico for being a really great place.

It’s the best place to travel.