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‘Unbelievable’: EU bans all travel from US amid US travel ban

All travel to the US is prohibited under the US-EU Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) deal, and the US government has banned most international flights from the country.

But a new report from the Institute for Policy Studies suggests that EU countries are already being targeted with travel restrictions by US officials and are unlikely to have to comply with those restrictions in the near future.

The US government is considering new restrictions that would prevent travel to all EU countries, and it is unclear whether they will remain in place until at least June 1, 2018, according to the Institute’s “TTIP Watch” report.

It is not yet clear how many of the EU’s 32 member countries will have to abide by those new restrictions, but the report says there are at least four countries that have already passed them.

The report was commissioned by the European Commission and published Monday by the Institute of Policy Studies, which is a think tank with links to the European Parliament.

The European Commission has been a vocal critic of the deal, which would give the US trade and investment authority and give the White House the power to make changes to trade agreements.

The TTIP has faced criticism from a range of European governments and trade groups, including those from Germany and France.

The EU has long argued that the US does not have sufficient power to enforce its laws and regulations, and is therefore subject to unfair trade practices.

The government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is leading the charge in Israel against the deal and has threatened to pull out of it if it is not changed, has threatened that he will veto any agreement that does not allow him to do that.

The Israeli prime minister has also threatened to withdraw his country from the EU if it does not change its trade agreements and impose tariffs on EU goods.