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Travelling coffee mug to become New Zealand’s first mobile coffee mug – New Scientist

New Zealand will become the first country to produce its own coffee mug by the end of the year.

The New Zealand Coffee Mug Association says it plans to produce coffee muggs in the country’s new $40 million national coffee facility in the state of Tauranga, in conjunction with the coffee industry.

The mugs will be made by NZ Coffee.

The association said the mugs are designed for people who like to travel for coffee.

“It’s a very portable design which is very useful for travelling to and from work or visiting family or friends, for example,” it said.

“A coffee mug can be used for anything you want to do while you’re away, so that is definitely a benefit.”NZ Coffee is hoping the coffee muffs will also help the coffee community.

“They’re an incredibly effective way to keep track of your coffee in NZ, so they’re a great way to be able to track it,” association president and CEO Jim Phelan said.NZ Coffee’s president Jim Phehl was also keen to highlight the importance of coffee to New Zealanders.

“There’s a lot of people in NZ who have a lot less money than they used to,” he said.

“A lot of Kiwis who have been out of work for a while, they’ve lost the ability to work and so they want to make a new income and to do that they have to spend money on their own.”

So, a coffee mug is really the ultimate way to get them back on track.

“Mr Pheland said NZ Coffee had made a number of innovations to the coffee machine over the years.”

In our latest innovation, the first-generation coffee machine was designed to be the first machine to have the coffee-maker and the machine that can handle the coffee.

“Mr Fink said NZCMA would now use the coffee mug as a tool to improve the health of the coffee market.”

We know that coffee is a great source of fibre, so we’re going to be using it in everything we do.

“The coffee-making and the brewing and the roasting will all be automated,” he added.