Why are Utah cities refusing to let tourists in?

An article in The Lad newspaper today, citing an anonymous source, reports that Utah cities are refusing to allow tourists to travel to the state.

According to the article, Utah City Mayor Steve Urbanski said the decision to not allow visitors was made on the recommendation of the Utah Tourism Department and will be reviewed in the near future.

The article did not specify if the city is one of those cities.

Utah has long been a destination for Utahns from around the world, but the state has become increasingly restrictive in recent years due to a spike in opioid-related deaths.

The state’s population has grown by an estimated 30% in the past decade and a half, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The rise in opioid deaths has led to an increase in overdose deaths, as well as an uptick in the number of people with substance use disorders.