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How to avoid the TSA pat-down at airport security check-in

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers will begin conducting pat-downs at airports this weekend.

The pat-ups are designed to check for explosives and to check passengers for weapons, according to an announcement from the TSA.

Travelers can also check to see if they have an ID card or other identification that can be used to board the plane.

The agency says passengers will not be required to provide any ID.

However, the TSA says travelers can provide a photocopy of their driver’s license or passport.

It says passengers who don’t have any ID will be required by TSA to show a copy of a valid passport.

The TSA says passengers should bring a photo ID that they can show when they board the flight.

It adds that anyone who uses an electronic device will be directed to the appropriate checkpoint.

Passengers are also asked to check their personal items for explosives, including cameras and phones, and to keep the items secure.

If they are found, the items can be confiscated.

It also says passengers are urged to wear masks when entering the airport and to avoid entering a busy area with crowds.

The travel advisory was issued on Saturday and comes one day after a woman who had gone through the checkpoint was able to board her flight. 

The Transportation Security Agency is in charge of security at the nation’s busiest airports.

The FAA is responsible for all air travel, but the TSA operates under a contract with the FAA.