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How to make sure you’re not affected by new travel restrictions in Australia

If you’re thinking about traveling overseas for work or for pleasure, you might want to consider a change in your travel itinerary.

As of Tuesday, airlines are required to inform travelers about a series of travel restrictions to avoid the possibility of being banned from flying abroad.

The list includes airports, major city airports, international airports and ports.

For instance, it applies to:The full list of restrictions is as follows:For some, it’s a relief that they’re able to travel on their existing itineraries, while others may feel it’s too restrictive.

However, if you are planning to visit some of the destinations listed above, it might be wise to consider changing your plans.

For those of you who don’t know the exact dates you can travel to, here’s a list of the dates you must have to make arrangements to travel to some of these destinations:The list of travel destinations includes:This is an update from Recode’s travel coverage, which has been updated daily throughout the day to reflect the latest travel restrictions.

We have included additional travel advice from airlines, which can be found here.

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