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The ‘unexpected’ effects of ‘virus outbreak’ are spreading across Canada

VIRUS INFECTION IN CANADA: AN UNEASY SEASON TO DREAM FOR MORE THAN JUST AN ENDGAME article The “virus” outbreak in Canada is now a full-blown disaster, with more than 1,500 Canadians having died of the disease.

With many of those deaths, authorities are blaming the country’s air quality, the heat and humidity.

Here’s what we know about what we can expect next: * In Quebec, a coronavirus outbreak has killed nearly 1,100 people.

Officials said they have traced the virus to an air-conditioning company in a town that is home to many people who live in the Montreal area.

* In Ontario, health officials say 1,076 people have been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Officials say a coronavia outbreak has sickened more than 500 people in the province.

* The virus has infected at least 14 people in Maine, with two more confirmed cases.

Officials are investigating a potential link between the deaths.

The virus is also being found in two other countries, Australia and New Zealand.

* Officials say an outbreak in Minnesota has killed at least four people and infected about 60.

The CDC says the virus is spreading across the U.S. with deaths and infections in some areas rising.

* At least seven people have died in the U.

“The U.K. and France have also reported cases.