Gulliver Travel Restrictions in California are Suspended as USVI Passports are Approved

Gullivers Travels, Inc. has temporarily suspended all travel to the United States and has issued an advisory to its customers, as a result of Gullivans Travel Restriction.

The company issued the advisory, which can be viewed here.

According to Gullvers, the website and will remain unavailable until Gullive travel restrictions are lifted.

Gullives restrictions have impacted approximately 1,400 of its customers.

The company says that it has received hundreds of inquiries from customers about the travel restrictions and that it is working to restore its website as quickly as possible.

The USVI and GULLIVER Passports can be used to travel to and from the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Nations.

The travel restrictions were announced in May, after a report by the International Organization for Migration said that some 1,300 migrants had died attempting to cross the US-Mexico border.