Thailand has banned all flights from the country over a new travel ban

Thailand’s tourism industry has been hit by a nationwide travel ban after officials found the virus was linked to at least two people on the nation’s largest airline, Thani Airlines.

The new travel restrictions come as the government prepares to host the world’s biggest sporting event of the year, the Asian Games, in Bangkok.

Thani will host the Games in 2020, and Thailand is the first country to have hosted the event.

It’s unclear how the two people were infected with the virus, though officials have said that there was a link between two people who flew to Thailand from the Philippines, where the virus has been confirmed.

Thailand is also the home to the world headquarters of the World Health Organization, and the government said it would close all airport terminals and airports in the country.

The ban is part of a nationwide health alert, which has also been lifted for residents of the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and many other countries, the Thai Health Ministry said.

It’s also the first time that Thailand has issued an alert to passengers and crew members traveling from all countries, it added.

The government also said it will issue a travel alert for all flights to Thailand to allow passengers to stay in the kingdom for 24 hours, to allow them to take any other necessary travel, and to allow people to travel to other destinations, including to the United Kingdom and Europe.

Thai Airways has confirmed that a passenger has been infected with Ebola.

The airline said in a statement that the airline is working closely with authorities to determine the exact nature of the virus.

Thiến Thựng Chảng said it was notifying passengers and crews of the ban, and it would provide updates in the coming days.

The Thai Ministry of Health said in an earlier statement that it has issued travel advisories for Thailand, and is closely monitoring the outbreak.

Thani Airlines said it’s monitoring the situation closely.

“We will provide further updates as soon as possible,” the airline said.

The World Health Organisation said in late March that there were a total of 2,947 confirmed cases of Ebola, and 6,742 deaths, making it the worlds second deadliest outbreak after the disease was first reported in Guinea in 1976.

The disease has not yet been reported in the United states.

There are no known cases of the disease in the Philippines.

A statement from the World Bank on Tuesday said it is working with the Philippines government to “strengthen the capacity of the public health sector to protect people from potential Ebola risks.”

It said the Philippines has one of the highest HIV rates in the world, and that it is committed to helping Filipinos become “more informed about health and social issues” to help them avoid the disease.

The bank said it supports the Philippines’ response to the Ebola outbreak.

It said it has also urged the Philippine government to adopt policies to reduce the impact of the outbreak, including the use of biometric identifiers, including contactless biometric ID cards, and more access to health care services.